Welcome to the Dictionary page. This page will serve as a very important guide to the blog… Sometimes we authors tend to create our own meanings of words and you may end up slightly confused without proper knowledge of our usage of certain words and terminologies.

(adj.) not mentally present
Friend #1: Uhm, why did you leave the waiter a $100 tip? Friend #2: OMG I must be gone!! I thought it was a $10.

Freddy Kreuger
(n.) a person who stares and refuses to turn away once eye contact has been established
Don’t look but that man has been looking at me since I boarded. He might be a Freddy Kreuger.

(v.) intensely staring at someone to the point where he/she feels that his/her face has been burnt off.
I just got Freddy Kreugered while walking home by a man on the corner.

(n.) a person that is just not quite right
You see that guy over there?? He’s a skit.

(adj.) wild; malfunctioning
This stupid phone keeps shutting off- it’s so skit!

(adj.) unbelievable; unbearable; insane
My boss is so wild- he forgot to do this report and asked me to complete it during my lunch break.

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