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How NOT to Approach A Woman

1. If you are driving in your car, do not stop traffic in an attempt to speak to a woman. Not only are you disturbing traffic, but you’re also most likely making the woman feel uncomfortable. It’s not flattering, at all. If there’s no traffic present, you should still refrain from doing it. On a similar note, don’t make a u-turn to drive your car slowly next to a woman… it’s very off-putting.

2. Don’t make animalistic sounds to grab a woman’s attention. Females are not birds, so do not coo at them. Females are not dogs, so don’t whistle at them. Instead, try saying something along the lines of “Excuse me (miss).”

3. Although you don’t know a stranger’s name (hey, they’re a stranger for a reason :P), you should refrain from calling females certain names. Please don’t refer to a girl as “ma”; she is not your mother. Do not call a woman baby, or even worse- BABY GIRL!! She is neither your lover nor your child… just stop! Also, do not call a woman sexy. Beautiful would be better. What is even better is not calling her an adjective at all. Try introducing yourself first and then ask for her name.

4. If a woman is not interested in you, please don’t get your panties in a bunch and call her derogatory names. There is no need to hurl insults. It doesn’t make sense to say “hey beautiful,” but once she says she’s not interested, she suddenly becomes ugly. Make up your mind, silly!

5. Don’t use the same old pick-up lines. In fact, I would encourage just talking to her rather than using a pick-up line at all. Unless you’re trying to make a woman laugh with the pick-up line, don’t use it. Usually it’s redundant- so we’ve heard it before. Or sometimes it’s so corny that we cannot take you seriously.

6. Make sure that your hygiene is on point! Having bad body odor or bad breath seriously decreases the likelihood of a woman talking to you.

7. If a woman is clearly disinterested (she makes it known), do not stick around in hopes that you’ll convince her to change her mind. Nothing is more annoying than a guy who cannot take a hint. I personally don’t care that I “might miss out on a great opportunity.” If she’s not interested, just move onto the next girl.

8. Don’t brag about what you have and what you can do for her. ‘Nuff said.

Do you have any suggestions? Do you have a related experience that you would like to share? Do tell :)!

Happy Birthday Gee Kay!

Happy Birthday to another one-third of a LITTLE quirky, Gee Kay (can you believe that her birthday is a week after LB’s??)! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and be sure not to do anything we would do, haha.

Happy Birthday LB!

Happy Birthday to one-third of a LITTLE quirky, LB!!!! We wish we were there to partake in all of the foolishness!!! We hope things don’t get wild (ER) this year, hahahaha!!!

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