About Alittlequirky.com

Created in 2011, Alittlequirky.com (a LITTLE quirky) is the blog of the great trials and tribulations of me, Yasmine, as I face the cold harsh realities of the world!! Okay… not so much. It is a blog owned by Yasmine, with occasional posts from close friends. It was previously a blog of three friends, Gee Kay, LB, and Yasmine. Presently, this blog officially has no theme or niche, so I can sum things up in two words: ANYTHING GOES!! Okay… not really. But I primarily try to inspire, encourage, and promote self-help through this blog :). Sometimes I may write posts to get different opinions on fun topics.

Quirky is a good word to describe me- I am a peculiar being and I embrace my little quirks! From my eating habits to my outlooks on life, you can say things are a little odd sometimes. Anywho, a LITTLE quirky is my little place on the web where I talk about whatever is on my mind. I might give tips, share a video/song, vent about the skits I encounter on a daily basis, create a thought-provoking post, review or recommend something (movie, book, musician, hair products), etc. Remember, this site does not fit neatly within a particular niche, so don’t be alarmed when you cannot find the focus of the site– just know that I am trying to do positive things! That is pretty much all you need to know about the site. Care to learn about the woman behind the site?

The Woman