Platonic Friendships

Every now and again, I read someone’s status on Facebook asserting that true platonic friendships do not exist. There are various kinds of platonic friendships, but I’m focusing on platonic friendships between heterosexual people of the opposite sex. Some people genuinely believe that men and women cannot be friends; if they are in fact friends, one of them has feelings for the other person but hasn’t acted on them. I have also heard that regardless of how the friendship is formed, at some point one person is bound to catch feelings. What do you think?

I agree that sometimes friendships become something more. I believe that there are friendships out there where someone has been placed in the friend-zone and there are feelings involved in the friendship. I also believe, however, that there are platonic friendships out there where there is no desire for the other person… no romantic feelings whatsoever. I believe that because I have a friendship like that.

There’s nothing romantic about my friendship with my male bestie. No interest. I talk to him like I talk to one of my female friends. I think he talks to me like one of his male friends, but I really don’t know haha. As I sit here thinking about our friendship, I ask myself what makes it possible? Is the fact that we don’t hang out a lot since we live in different places? Is it the fact that we met through a mutual friend? Is it the lack of attraction (not to say we are unattractive people… because we aren’t *flips hair, Makia style*). I really don’t know what the right ingredients are, but we have it. I honestly do feel as though if there’s attraction within friendships with the opposite sex, then problems are bound to happen… because I think with attraction comes those “what if,” thoughts. Well, I feel as though I am just rambling on. Point is. Males and females can be just friends because I’m living proof. I know I’m not unique in this situation. What do you think? Can males and females be just friends? What do you need (or not need) to have a strictly platonic friendship with the opposite sex? #letmeknow your thoughts.

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  1. Shannon Reply

    Hey Mimi! Welcome back!

    I think it’s very possible to have platonic friendships. I have a few myself. I usually tend to ignore when people say they don’t exist because sometimes people are just too suspicious or over thinking things that just aren’t always true. From some part of their being, I suppose they’re just jealous people in some aspect.

  2. Angel Y. Reply

    I think people just want to put friendships into relationship labels because that’s what pushed on us by popular culture. If anyone has had a true platonic friendship with a male, they know it’s possible. I really miss having male friends and I’m glad that I’m starting to meet some new guys that have common interests.

    I think all you need is common interest and understanding of a platonic friendship. Not every friendship leads to love, although some do. It’s never really been my intentions to fall in love with any of my guy friends so if you are open-ended, I think it can happen.

  3. Arlene Reply

    I believe that Men and Women can have platonic relationships. I have several male friends that are simply just friends. I couldn’t tell you if they are attractive or not because I just don’t see them that way. It’s like their family. But I also think for a platonic relationships aren’t for everyone.

    xoxo Arlene

  4. Carrie Reply

    I am so glad you mentioned this! I always feel like when I’m friends with the opposite sex, that I end up having feelings for that person. No matter what they look like or anything, I start to like them. I’m in that situation now. There’s a guy that I’m not physically attracted to but his personality is amazing and he’s really sweet! But at the end of the day, we’re just friends and I’m 99.9% sure that it will stay that way.

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